Workshop Permanento - unique concept of exercise

10 December 2018! Big day in The Brick factory! Katerina machacova, an expert in Health Exercise is going to introduce her very own concept of specially desinged exercises that will literally cahnge your life into a painless one and will show you that your body can function well for days and years to come for things you love doing! You don't need to be an athlete but you as well can be to benefit from her teaching. 

We prepared two workshops in one day: 4 pm and 7 pm. It is neccessary to please first register at email cihelna198@centrum. cz or mobile home 724 082 911 as the number of participant is limited to 12 persons for each timing. Entrance fee is voluntary.

Just bring comfortable clothes and that's it. Workshops lasts one hour and you will have a space to discuss your matters with Katerina afterwards if you wish, she speaks fluent English.

To give you a better idea, please see the following video: 

Večerní workshop 18 - 21 hod. pro všechny dospělé bez rozdílu věku. 

Cena 1200 Kč za 3 hod., studijní materiály a videa plus občerstvení v ceně.

S sebou pohodlné oblečení, případně zápisník a tužku. Podložky na cvičení máme.

Těšíme se!!